Sunday, September 27, 2015

Zach Turned 8!

Zach turned 8 in March and had his baptism a few weeks later. Connor Stayed up late the night before decorating for Zach's birthday-making sure it was extra special. The thought of someone waking up to no decorations on their birthday is just devastating to Connor-so he stayed up late and made sure it was perfect! Super sweet and I know Zach appreciated it. Zach picked a fun candy cake and Connor helped me with that too. He had a pretty easy low key birthday. Woke up opened presents and wanted to play with them for a little while. A little later picked up his friend Blaze to go ice skating and we did that for a couple hours, then of course had to bring his friend back to the house to see his new presents (mostly pokemon) then he just wanted to hang out and play and invite another friend over. We got some pizzas, they had cake and played outside for a couple hours and he enjoyed it all. Later (after spring break was over) we threw him a fun party (he hasn't had one in years). We did a fear factor theme and it was a huge hit-all the boys loved it!

Zach's baptism was filled with so many loved ones with tons of family, friends and his sweet sweet teacher Mrs. Gross. We did it on a Saturday morning and went to spring creek to celebrate with family after. Cade and Grandma gave wonderful talks and Carly and Ashna sang a pretty song for us. It was all so perfect and I know he felt the spirit with his beaming smile! 

He got to start the scout program and is really really enjoying it and I am really happy he likes it so much and is excited to work on it.

Now onto about Zach! Zach's attitude starting getting worse and the months went by. His teacher noticed a difference and he really didn't care to do sports. He feel left out and has a hard time at school-mainly reading. I think his size is playing a big factor in his confidence and personality and it makes me so sad. He gets discouraged easily, gets his feelings hurt easily and has low self esteem. It's hard to see this once very confident leader, become almost shy and stay to himself. He still struggles with falling asleep and throws the worlds biggest tantrums-where he just can not think straight. he is the most defiant child you will ever meet-in every single way possible. We just signed him up for track because we really want him to be involved in something and he is really fast and has endless energy! After being super nervous and having major anxiety about it, he has made great friends and is really enjoying it. He is really good at it too. We have track meetings every Saturday and they are tiring (with the 2 little ones) but lots of fun.

Him and Connor still don't get along great (but Connor is pretty hard to get along with) and he is still the best big brother to Gavin and they are still besties.

Fast forward to now Sept. 20th.

We finally found a doctor and took Zach in to see about ADD and other possible problems. We are still waiting on test results and go back this week for the ADD BUT, he was very concerned about his sleep habits and put him on medicine for that right away (some type of a blood pressure medicine that helps kids fall asleep) and it has been nothing short of a miracle. It's like we have our sweet helpful kind Zach back. It works like a charm and he to is soo happy that he can fall asleep with out a problem. Before he would try for a good 2-3 hours of laying there without falling asleep. Now him and his little mind don't fight it and he is out like a light bulb. It was changed his personality in such a positive way-rather brought back the personality that we knew was hidden deep in him. He is happy, patient, more obedient-hasn't thrown one tantrum (been 3 weeks). If he gets worked up-upset-sad-he is quick to get over it or can calm down and listen to reasoning a lot better. Home work isn't as much of a fight (still a little one-still hates to read with a passion). He is just so polite and really our biggest helper. It is night and day and I can not thank Heavely Father enough for this answer and our struggles with him were really hurting our family and making us all so tired and frustrated. We are just so happy to see his true self back where as before it was just like something came over him and we didn't even know who he is. He is such a great kid with a great heart. He puts up with a lot being the oldest and he deserves so much for all he does. We love our Zach attack through thick and thin-but it sure makes our lifes more happy when he is more happy!

He is not a great eater-he just can't eat much in one sitting and probably snacks too much-we go and check on his growth this Friday.

He is no longer in the Pokémon phase and is ready to sale all his cards!

He still likes to play with toys and has a great imagination-he especially likes to play with toys with out with little brothers bugging him.

He loves movie night and popcorn and LOVES movie dates at the theatre!

He also loves loves game and board games. He loves to play with grandpa whenever he gets the chance.

He loves snakes right now and is constantly wanting to go looking for snakes-like all the time!

He loves to still watch documentaries on snakes and other wildlife and his favorite show at the moment is WildKratts-which is about wildlife!

His good friends are Blaze Boren, Jaxen Mccuistion, and Rigley Dababaneh and a couple friends from school Kyle ?? and Jake Brown.

He still loves to play outside whether it looking for/catching bugs or riding bikes or playing dodgeball with all the neighborhood kids.

He is going to be such a great help when baby number 4 comes in February. He is very excited, as he loves babies, and always has. He is excited to help me out and I am excited to have a good little helper with me!

We are so proud of Zach and what a good little boy he is. He makes good choices and his teachers always love him. We are so happy to have found an answer for his sleep and hope things can only continue to go from here. We love you Zach attack!!!

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