Cute Thangs

This page is devoted to all those cute little things the boys say that I just don't want to forget!

Me: "Connor, What's your name?" Connor: "Kyle!"(that's his uncle's name!) (18m-2)
Connor loves to scream "EHH, EHH" to which he then follows with "I WUV YOU."
I don't know where he got it from, but he yells it as loud as he can and loves to do it in stores!
Connor waves and says "hi" to everyone he sees, he is adored by everyone at the grocery store-he is super friendly and smiley.

(August- September 2011)
Connor loves to go places! I often find him at the front door saying "lets go car!"
He cries anytime we pull up to the house. poor guy. hehe
He likes to get Zach in trouble. He has learned how to fake cry and scream (and sounds VERY believable) and at the end of his cry he will sadly say "yacky!" as if Zach did something to him, then it turns out Zach isn't even by him! Zach thinks this is very funny. He'll say "what the heck, i didn't even touch him this time!" hehe
He LOVES to go on trips (car rides to the store) with Popeye.
He has become hard at putting to sleep, he went from letting us sing one sing and laying down and going right to sleep too crying at the door, so now I am a sucker and lay with him till he falls asleep-I just can't resist those sweet moments! Plus he falls asleep within 5 minutes :)
Today when he saw a broken toy car he said "i be wight back mom, I go'n fix it upstairs, i wight back, I be wight back mom, i be wight back dogs, I be wight back, i go'n fix it" hehe I found him upstairs in the desk looking for ways to "fix it"
He repeats everything and anything.
If I ask him if he wants eggs or cereal (or anything like that) he just says "i want eggs n'cewial" He never picks one option, instead always picks both!
He loves super heros just like Zach and LOVES to take whatever Zach is playing with so he can play with it!
He admires Zach, but doesn't like to "cuddle" with him during TV time, like Zach likes. Zach loves to rub his "soft cheeks" but Connor won't have it.
Connor always says "I did it!' when he does something he is proud of, but then when I open his car door he always smiles at me and says "i did it!!" as if he opened the door, it is so funny.

Common things Zach tells us and phrases he says constantly:

(4-4 1/2)

"I love you too much!"
"You're my sweet heart mom"
"Hey, hey I gotta tell you something"
"I was just kidding!" (when he really wasn't!)
"You're my bestest friend ever!"
"I had a scary story last night" (dream)
"hey, hey you member yesterday when....." usually "yesterday" was not actually yesterday, and if you say you don't remember he insist that you do, and gets mad if you don't say "oh yeah I remember!"
"I didn't do that, it was the ghost"
"Mom, princesses are really pretty, but you are really super-duper really really really really pretty princess. I just love you too much, I try not to but I just do!" (he hits himself in the head" me:"ouch why did you do that?" Zach:"I was trying to slap the love out of me, but I couldn't, I just love you too much!
(August-Septemeber 2011)
Zach said "mom lets do school today, and I want to learn about (thinking) RESPECT!" haha it was so cute.
Zach would prefer to live at grandma's, he talks about her everyday, and thinks the world of her, he can't get enough of her!
Zach's favorite toys right now are Ben 10 ultimate Alien toys.
Something funny, or maybe kinda awkard will happen and Zach will say "uhh this is kinda getting embarrassing!" It is usually not in an "embarrassing" moment at all though.
He always tells me we need another baby and how much he loves babies.
One time in church a little boy probably 6 months younger than Connor was in front of us and Zach said "aww mom look at that baby! lets switch Connor for that baby, because he always takes my toys" hehe (it wasn't mean, he loves Connor to pieces-but Connor does steal his toys all the time)
He says "uhh that was weird!"
He says, "really, are you telling the truth??" When we are telling him something usually funny, this is just a story, then we have to tell him that no it isn't the truth just make beleive. 
He says" mom I love you so much, even when you are really mad at me, I still love you." and "mom I still love you even when I am really mad at you, but I do still love you"