Sunday, September 27, 2015

Gavin at 3 1/2

Gavin is a spunky little spitfire! Oh how I love that kid so so much! We spend everyday together running errands, doing chores and playing. We love our alone time together and he is a pretty easy going guy. He doesn't throw fits and if he does they a small, manageable and quick to get over-only when he is tired or sick. He learns and picks up every good and bad thing from his brothers, which I don't love but is just enevitable at this point. He is my best eater by far, he eats more than both boys weighing in at 38.4 lbs just 3-4 lbs below BOTH of his older brothers.

His favorite food right now is hamburgers.
His favorite candy bar is a kit kat and everytime we go to the grocery store he gets one for being the best little shopper.
His favorite show right now is Odd squad-but he pretty much watches anything the boys do.
He said he wants to be a police when he grows up-but that changes by the hour, he is actaully kind of scared of police. oops.

He loves to dance and sing at the top of his lungs but often gets mad if you sing with him if you were not invited to. He likes the music loud in the car and he knows which songs he likes and doesn't.

He still loves to play outside with his sand table and loves to ziggle in the front. He loves the trampoline and can even do a flip in the air which is terrifying but kinda of awesome! He is sporty and lazy all together! He can play hard and rest hard. He is very good at following directions and listening, very few times do I have to raise my voice to get his attention. He is helpful in that he doesn't forget what he is doing for you and doesn't have a problem helping out.

He is full of giggles and loves to laugh and have a good time. He really doesn't get mad easily and is pretty good and self entertaining when he needs too. He doesn't get in trouble much but when he does he is good at sitting against the wall (with a pouty face) for time out. He is quick to forgive and usually pretty good at saying sorry but still caught some of mine and Tyler's stubborn bone and at times does not want to. He has learned WAY to quick and early the art of lying from his lovely brothers. He pretty much blames everything on Connor even if Connor isn't home!

He has no interest in being potty trained. He likes to pee in the back yard and has weeks where he will poop in the toilet then goes back to be lazy and doing it all in his pants, so we are still in diapers! I am sure by the time baby gets here we will have it under control, but until he is ready I have no desire to make this a long hard drawn out process!

He still loves to pretend to be a kitty and always ask premission. "Mom can I be kitty?" Kitty is super sweet and cuddly and loves to give super wet kitty kisses (licks). So we welcome kitty a lot.

He loves playing with nerf guns or any pretend guns. He loves running around pretend shooting us or Zombies. He especially loves it now that he is strong enough to caulk back the nerf guns so now he does that all the time!

He doesn't like to leave the house with out his orange ball cap, his white skeleton sun glasses, and my old flip phone which is now his. Anytime we go somewhere, he needs those three things!

He is a super great shopper and goes with me everywhere! I don't have any problems shopping with him, but because he is so good-stays with me if not in a cart or stroller, I usually spoil him too much and by him one thing. Either a small cheap toy, gum, or candy bar! It's to hard not too when he is such a good little helper!

While he can talk just fine he is probably are worst slowest talker yet! He is very lazy with his words. Like he sometimes just does not want to take the time to anunciate every vowel and sylable. He can't say V's or F's or J's or S's so he can't even say his own name! He says "Gayen" to which every person looks at me like, "what?".

He is really good with friends and just really started taking a liking to friends. He gets along with everyone really well and is great at sharing. His realm of understanding for his age is really pretty good.

He doesn't know Abc's or how to count past 3 (1,2,3,6,8,10-thats how he likes to count!) but we just started a joy school with 3 other moms so we will see if that helps him! He knows his colors and shapes-and still gets confused but a few of them.

He has always been a fantastic sleeper (besides the horrible nights of vomit and bloody noses which are both pretty much over with, we have his nose coteraized and that solved that problem!). Up until recent when he got an awful cold than turned into bronchitus. We were up doing breathing treatments, on 3 different medicines and he was MISERABLE. It was a bad couple of nights and it ruined him! Since then (about a month ago) he has been coming to our bed everynight and been wanting to go to bed in our bed every night! It has been wearing me out for sure. We put out queen bed in his room, got rid of his crib about 2 months ago. He didn't like the new big bed so we put the pack in play up too and he liked that just fine. We also, now how the toddler bed at the foot of our bed in our room, bc Brandon has been with us for a week and staying in Gavin's room. Gavin likes his toddler bed, but still would come in our bed during the night. Well I finally broke him of sleeping in my bed this last week. He loves to sleep in the top bunk bed alone, he will go to sleep no problem and stay alseep till 5 or 7 on a good day! Last night he slept in his big bed in his room all night, so I think we are seeing some good progress, we just have to leave his door open and the hall light on because he is now scared of the dark (probably learned from Connor! he used you always sleep in pitch black with no problem). He still, pretty much ever since summer, does not go straight to bed at night anymore-which is so hard. He used to go straight to bed at 630 or 7 with his milk no problem. Now he drinks his milk and gets up and is ready to party! If he naps during the day (which he will if I run any errands he falls asleep in the car everytime) then usually he will not be in bed before 10. If he doesn't nap-he gets pretty cranky between 3-6 then catches a second wind and still doesn't go to sleep before 9! So it's really a lose lose, but it isn't horrible-bc he is always happy and pretty easy. I just put a show on in my room for him usually. Playing or reading books to him actaully gets him wound up too much.

He is starting to have more fears, but like I said, they are from his brothers. He is scared of ghost and zombies and snakes and talks about them often.

He really wants to be a big boy and sit in a booster in the car like his brothers-but is pretty understanding when I tell him he can't.

He sometimes likes to give me a real pouty face and some attitude but it is pretty cute and funny more than anything. And even then super easy to make him laugh and get over what ever he is mad about!

He loves his Zach and wants to be with him a lot but is still independent too. He loves Connor a ton too but they have a harder time getting along (mainly bc of Connor, not Gavin).

He has moments of frustration when he cant get something to work. He goes a little crazy and will throw whatever it is that is ticking him off. That is probably the biggest thing we are working on with him. He doesn't like to wear shoes and rarely does (hardly any shoes fit his fat feet anyway) but he does love his boots. He has a lot to say and it is all pretty funny. He makes hilarious facial expressions all the time and always keeps us laughing. He likes to say things and then say "just kidding!!" even when he gets hurt and cries for a minute he will start smiling and say, "im just keeding!!".

He makes all of us smile and laugh on a daily basis and we couldn't live without him! He is sweet and loving and has his very own personality! He for sure thinks me and him will be married one day so I am a little worried about his jealousy when the baby comes, but he will be almost 4 by then and even right now he is pretty happy about a baby! Only time will tell! We love our super awesome, funny, loving Gavin!

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