Sunday, September 27, 2015

Tyler's Progress

Tyler has been working in the ICU for over 3 years now, almost 4. He started out at TMC in Dennison and is now at Baylor in Mckinney and has been there for a bout 2 years. He works night shifts and it is very hard on his body to have to go back and forth like that. He is exhausted from it all and ready for a change. He studies for test on his days off and will be taking his GRE very soon. When he gets those results back he will start applying to CRNA schools.

He doesn't love what he does and it is only a stepping stone to get to where he wants to be, but regardless he is an amazing nurse. He knows what he is doing and he is really spectacular at it. From saving your life to making you or the patients family laugh, he has got it all. He really is great at it and it is no easy job, mentally or phsyically!

He is always actively involved in our youtube channel from thinking of pranks to pull on me or the kids to making sure we are getting views, because that extra income really helps us stay afloat.

He loves to play and wrestle with the boys whenever he has extra time and energy-which we both wish was more of.

He is so patient with me especially as I am pregnant and never feeling well. He is always taking great care of me and will drop everything for me!

He loves wood work and wood spend so much more time in the garage creating things if he had more time and money to do so. Hopefully in the future he will be able to pursue that a little more!

He is tired and worn out and wishes his school life was over with, but it is only beggging!

He is a great daddy, hubby and caregiver and we are so greatful to have him in our lives!!

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