Sunday, September 27, 2015

All About 6 Year old Connor

Connor is a special little dude! Just as cute as can be with his blond shaggy hair!

Connor is in piano and is doing a really great job, doesn't love practicing (but what kid does), but does love to play and accomplish things. He remembers songs he is taught and loves to learn songs that he loves. He does pretty good for his teacher (my really good friend Sonae Bailey who I adore). He really wants to be in a cooking class and always ask if I have signed him up for one yet-but I can't find any affordable ones. Hopefully soon I can. He does really great in school. His teachers love him and he doesn't (or hasn't yet) get in trouble at all. He has problems focusing, but tries hard to be a rule follower.

He has a good heart and loves hard. He likes to hug and take care of little kids. He is tender and sweet and sensitive but at the same time isn't phased when he is in trouble at home. He thinks he wants to play sports but gets tired very easily and often ask me to carry him just on the way home from walks to the park! He has done summer sports camps but gets tired from those too. I will let him try a sport-but haven't felt like it was quiet the right time for him yet.

He has some major anxiety issues and still comes to our room every single night. He thinks sleeping with an adult is absolutely necessary. I think a lot of his issues probably come from never getting a full nights sleep mixed with some ADD issues. We just recently got him to just lay on the floor next to the bed and that has helped me get better sleep at night tremendously. He pees like a race horse (all the dang time) and potty training at night has been a big fail.

He still doesn't know how to tie his shoes or ride a bike, but he doesn't have a bike (hopefully for Christmas!!) and his shoes are velcro. Him and Zach are such opposites its as if everything Zach excels in Connor does not and vise versa! He may not know those things but he can cook and bake and measure and is really pretty great at it!

He is a pretty good reader and doesn't get bugged by homework, he actually kind of likes it (I just have to sit with him or he gets distracted, but he doesn't mind that it may take him all night to do a simple work sheet)!

He is a ticking time bomb and you never know when he is going to go off. He still really struggles with knowing how to react to situations, problems and certain emotions he is having. He will go from 0-100 in no time but will also from 100-0 in no time too. He tends to be violent and throw things at whoever he is mad at if we don't catch him in time and remind him to take a deep breath. Just the other day he thew a toy and Zach's head and busted it up! Lovely. His sorry's are just as empty as they have always been. Sometimes it feels like nothing is processing in his head and that he has no feeling, it is hard to explain.

He can never stay on task and never remembers what he was doing or what he was going to do...ever.
His newest interest in Minecraft! He loves it and it is the ONE AND ONLY thing that can keep his attention. Although, maybe slightly too obsessed and I am really happy for him that he found something he really enjoys-because this is pretty huge for Connor or has really never had an interest in anything. He plays on the ipad and xbox and loves to watch youtube videos of it. We do set limits for him, but it does also help motivate him to be good and do what he needs to get to play.

Like I said above he is really good at school and his teachers adore him. I think he must try so very hard at school, that by the time he is home he just lets it all lose. Typically after school he is wrecking ball. From emotional, to outright rude, to inappropriate and more. It is very hard. He isn't cuddly and doesn't like lovey attention which is hard for me because I really wish I could just hug and kiss on him and tell him how much I love him and help him feel better-but he doesn't like that stuff. He is only a cuddler when he comes in in the middle of the night, other than that he really doesn't like to be touched-he has always kind of been like that since he was a baby!

I couldn't tell you what his favorite food is. He isn't a great eater. Well I guess his favorite food actaully is Ramen! He always begs for Ramen! Goofball. He likes vanilla and strawberry ice cream the best. He isn't a huge chocolate fan. He doesn't love meat. He will eat hamburgers. hot dogs and chicken nuggets sometimes, but other than that he really doesn't eat much meat at all-which makes it hard because we are huge meat eaters! He eats his tacos with just lettuce and cheese!

He absolutely loves surprises and rewards! He still loves and lives for each and every Holiday! He wants every event in life to be bigger than life! He wants every holiday to be decked out including everyone's birthday! He is very thoughtful when he wants to be and often makes sure I am happy with him. "Mom you are happy with me, right?"

He absorbs things really well. He remembers scripture stories like no other and loves to look at the pictures while we read. He loves to bear his testimony on the pulpit in sacrament meeting all by himself and does a really great job everytime. He had a talk in primary a couple of weeks ago and the topic was on Jesus' miracles and when I told him he picked out a story he remember of Jesus calming a storm while they were on the boat in the ocean, he told me it and it was perfect. He went up and gave the whole talk by himself, told the whole story and did a really great job. It just made my heart melt.

Connor sure makes us happy and we love him so much and the boy he is becoming. I already miss his being little and sucking on his little passy! If he keeps his confidence and he will probably become a great teacher one day. He really still wants to grow up to be a police officer! Everytime we see a cop he makes sure to ask for a sticker!

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