Sunday, September 27, 2015

Foust Baby # 4

We found out in June that Foust baby #4 is on it's way! We are so excited for this addition to our family! Here is how the pregnancy has been thus far...

The first 3 months were nothing short of awful. From intense naseau, horrible depression, stomach aches extreme fatigue and no appetite nor motivation it was a rough 3 months-which means a horrible summer for the kids. I feel awful bc I was so hard to just function day to day. I still managed to take them swimming as much as they wanted but pretty much anything else was a no go. I was so so sick. I only threw up a couple times but wish it were more because the naseau was just numbing. I couldn't ever eat. I had horrible after taste after EVERYTHING and for hours if I didn't pop in some gum or brush my teeth. Every once in a blue moon I could crave one thing-like brisket-and that would be the only thing I could eat. From cereal to sandwhiches, chicken to even drinking water-it all made me dog sick. The only thing I wanted to eat, or could eat was CANDY. Sugary candy...not even chocolate bars just the sugary stuff like sweet hearts and life savors, sour worms-anything like that. I made a couple gas station runs just to make sure I had a stock of candy for me! I could do chocolate sometimes but the sugary stuff was my safer option. I finally around 12 weeks or so decided to stop taking my prenatals, that did help alot-not all the way, but def. helped.

The tiredness was insane (and at 20 weeks isn't too much better unfortunately). I mean just heavy eye lids all the time-just down right hard to live life and get out of bed and take care of my other 3 precious babies. My depression is hard to even speak of. It was almost as if another person was in my head. I knew the thoughts were not mine-I knew they were not true. I tried and tried to push them out, I tried to force myself to happyness, I prayed and prayed. I was never once mad at the baby-always so so happy about that-but just did not like myself and life was too hard (just a brain disconnect of course). At some point of not being able to function in longer (maybe 10-11 week along) I finally told the doctor I couldn't do it any longer, I needed the awful voices in my head gone, I wanted so badly to be a good mommy and wife again and it just wasn't going to happen on my head. He put me on Zolft, awe the feeling of having some relief was so great until I took them. I had a horrible reaction-I was EVEN more tired-couldn't get out of bed-could not eat anything and was puking!! It made me MORE sick! ugh! So frustrating. I thought maybe it was just a bad day so I tried the medicine again about a week later with the same result so of course I had to stop taking them. By this time I was around 12 weeks and decided to wait it out and hope the 2nd trimester would just make most the problems go away, and for the most part they did-but not until about 16 weeks. I had one really great week of really feeling alive and awake and well again-but soon after the tiredness and sickness struck me again but the depression was gone and that was a huge relief.

Probably just about a week ago (19 weeks) I stopped feeling pregnancy sick and gained an appetite finally (I hadn't had one at all until this point, and had only gained 8lbs). Funny thing is that is about the time I got strep and an awful awful cold that I still am suffereing from. It is making me so tired but it is nice to have an appetite and actually want to eat! My sugar cravings are pretty much gone and I am back to loving my chocolate!

Also, at my 18 week sono the baby looked perfect and healthy doing lots of flips! He/She measured 1 week and 1 day bigger which is always awesome to hear, putting my due date at Feb 10, 2016!

Some different things with this pregnancy is I never got bad acne the first trimester like I did with the other 3 and I got varicose veins and super sore legs around 14 weeks-and I have never had that. Right when I wake up in the mornng my legs feel as if I ran a marathon all night-they are sore all day and throbbing by the evening. It's hard to not want to sit all day long and put my legs up to releive some of the pain-and sometimes I just have to. Tyler has been so wonderful as massagine my legs and that has been a HUGE help. I went through about 2 weeks of just awful leg pain (its all concentrated in the back of my knees and runs down my ankles and up to my bum, completely different pain than sciatica, this is a sore pain that makes it hard to straighten out my legs.) I just have one bad busted varicose vein behind my left knee-which hurts the most...but both legs hurt. Now that Tyler massages them about twice a week they really are manageable and feel much better! He is the best care taker ever!!

I feel pretty small for the most part-but I don't remember how big I was with the boys at this stage-I'll have to compare pictures.

All the boys are very excited even Gavin who I was most worried about, since he thinks he is my boyfriend and we are best friends. They ask and talk about the baby often and are all helping think of names! We aren't finding out the gender and I am super excited to be surprised! I am really not sure if it is a boy or girl-but am truely excited for either-just want a healthy baby! Tyler really wants a girl and I think the boy aren't really sure, I think Zach wants a girl as well. Zach still lovessss babies and is super excited and is going to be my best little helper, I am soo excited for that!

Here is the video of us telling the boys they were going to be big brothers again!

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