Sunday, February 08, 2015

Our Gaver-doodle-doo

Gavin will be 3 in just a little over a month! Crazy to think about. He is still our baby though and we will probably call him our baby until we have another baby! He is very funny just like the other 2 at this stage. He says phrases that typical 2 year olds wouldn't say. He knows how to tease you and loves to do it-he is good at keeping a straight face and then saying "I just kidding, I just kidding." It is really cute and funny. He says phrases like, "what the heck?" "oh my gosh" "oh crap"-totally horrible phrases that we are all working on NOT saying-but pretty darn funny coming out of his mouth with his expressions.

If you answer to him when he wasn't talking to you he will be sure to let you know. "I wasn't talking to you dad, I talking to mom!!" In a pretty irritated tone. He has no problem telling people to stop or be quite-he is a little parrot to a T. Also, a little "parent." At times at the dinner table he will say, "eat yo food Connor!" haha He definitely rules our house, and we all have a hard time not laughing.

He is not in a good eating stage. Picky and just doesn't eat much-not sure if there is a reason-or if it is just a stage-either way-it is annoying.  He LOVES brownies and could eat a full 8x8 pan all by himself in a day no problem. He likes pizza and hot dogs, noodles and bananas and goldfish. He is also my only child that will eat a sand which-well at least at this age. He likes Pbjs and turkey sandwiches. It is a life savor. Of course his most favorite of all is still his chocolate milk. Can't wait to break that habit! His throwing up has calmed WAY down. I think he has figured out how to control it a little better himself. We are down to about once a month-if that-so we have come a LONG way and are so so so so grateful. We were soooo tired of cleaning up throw up everywhere alll the time. Our newest problem is horrible horrible bloody noses. during the day, at the store and in the middle of the night. He has come to me just balling covered and I mean covered in blood in the middle of the night. During the day it kind of starts and stops on and off. It is really annoying, Another problem that I am not sure if something is wrong or it he just has a real dry nose up there? We will see how many he has this week then decide if we should go to the doctor. This last week he had 4 bad ones-all at exactly 11pm! Very weird. Now when his nose is running he will run to me and say, "oh no! Is my nose bweeding????" So sad.

He is my first child to not really care about babies or children younger than him. Both Zach and Connor were always in awe of younger children/babies and would just cuddle/love/and take care of them best they could. Gavin on the other hand is rather annoyed by them. He has figured out how to tolerate them and ignore them, but by no means loves them. He is good with other children. He plays pretty well and besides normal kid problems he isn't mean and doesn't hurt anyone (yet). If someone takes something from them he typically just has his feelings hurts and just starts balling-which I prefer over him trying to hurt them or grab it back.

He doesn't have much patience for himself trying to figure things out. He gets angry quickly but usually can be calmed down pretty quickly too. he has throw a couple tantrums but nothing long or crazy. He wants to sit in a big boy seat in the car like the boys SO bad-so he hates sitting in his car seat and usually puts up a small fight each time. Once he is buckled and we are on the road he is already fine-unlike Zach who would continue to throw a fit at that age. He is good at the store-runs aways from me sometimes-but is pretty good at staying with me if he isn't in his stroller or a cart. He is a good shopper buddy, pretty patient with me as we go store to store. It is hard to do much with him during the day because he ALWAYS falls asleep in the car no matter what time of day it is! I try to bring my ipad and let him play games bc that will help him stay away-but even then-sometimes that doesn't work. I haven't spent many hours shopping with him sleeping on one shoulder while I am pushing the cart with the other arm and let me tell you-it is HARD. He is 30 something pounds of dead weight with only one are holding him while trying to shop and steer a cart with the other-it is no walk in the park-but I like to try to look at it like a good work out!

He still has crazy good balance-more of a dare devil than Connor probably ever will be. Likes to do the hardest obstacles at the park all by him self and give the other mothers heart attacks-but he is good at them and has yet to fall. Last summer he loved the water and even at the end of the summer he figured out how to hold his breath and go under the water. Probably doesn't have enough fear of the water-so this summer I will have to keep a close eye. He is super fast on his ziggle, can scooter and do his tricycle.  Loves to jump and climb and go to open gym. It really is a miracle he hasn't had an accident of some sort! He hates his shoes and socks- I can't keep them on him for the life of me- even when it si 20 degrees outside and we are running errands those shoes and socks will not stay on!

He is obsessed and addicted to gaming and I hate it. It just happened after Christmas break. He loves x-box-computer and ipad. He loves to play Sky Landers, Infiniti, angry Birds and Friv. He is pretty good at them but still gets frustrated when he can't figure something out. I don't like his addiction and don't know how I am going to break it. Maybe cross my fingers and hope its a stage and he will get over it? He loves to be chased, to be tickled to play with fake guns and shoot you. He is a little actor and can change into a ghost, monster, zombie, puppy or kitty at any given time. He understands pretend and make believe and is just so good at acting for a 2 year old it is stunning, cute and hilarious, He still loves to fake throwing up or gagging to see our reactions-and he gets good reactions for us every time because it sounds so real! Funny boy!

He doesn't hate people like he used to and it is so nice. He absolutely loves and adores Tyler and Grandma-2 people he really didn't like a year ago. Him and daddy are buddies and it has made things so much easier for me. He still at times prefers me, but for the most part doesn't care which is a huge turn around! He is friendly to people now and doesn't think every person is going to tackle him or take his toys like his brothers! He wants more than anything in the world to sleep with his big brothers. I have let him try a couple of times but he just loves to play in the sheets and keep them up. Maybe another 6 months or year and he will be ready. He loves Zach so so much and misses him when he is at school. Zach is a good big brother to him but at times does get annoyed with him when he messes up his games or toys or whatever it maybe. He loves Connor too of course-but Connor annoys the crap out of him so they aren't as close. Connor loves him to death and loves when Gavin gives him attention or hugs or kisses or cuddles.

He seems a little bit closer to being potty trained but nothing yet. I have caught him using the toilet by himself maybe 2 times-but he just likes to do it on his own agenda. The minute I try or push it-he has no interest. I am waiting a little longer when he is really ready so it is an easy transition and not months of accidents! He isn't going to be in diapers forever so I am in no hurry.

We love Gavin and can't believe we don't really have a baby anymore. He still looks like a baby to us.  He has the funniest personality a mix of baby and adult. Tyler and I have so much fun with him during the week while the boys are in school. He is easy to take out to eat and fun to be wiith. He is a good combination of needy and independent. He is a sweet heart-he likes to cuddle-he likes to sleep with us (although we don't let him, but occasional he comes in in the middle of the night to sleep with us-and I can't say no to that!) He hugs and kisses and likes to be held-honestly we probably hold him to much (like when we are out places, he gets distracted-easier to hold him). He is actually really good at following a direction and doesn't seem to be as ADD as the other boys so far! We love him so much!

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